How to Refer More Subscribers to Numedia

How to Refer More Subscribers To NuMedia Through Our Unique NuMedia Customer Referral Program.

The Answer Is By Allowing Me To Teach You Basic Internet Marketing Skills.

Believe It Or Not, To Use The Internet And The Power Of Mass Marketing Is Simple.

The So Callled Gurus And The Like, Whose Only Goal Is To Sell You Something Worthless, Over And Over Again, Would Have You Believe Otherwise. 

As A Result, Folks Looking For Answers Aren't Even Learning Basic, Core Concepts And Principals, When It Comes To Internet Marketing, Which Are:

A Domain Name. 

A Lead Page To Capture Email Addresses.

An Auto-responder For An Automated Email Follow Up Series

Let Me explain To You How To Use Each And Give You Some Examples.

When You Became A Subscriber To NuMedia World TV, 

You Were Given A Free Referral Link. This Is My Link

Now I Would Like To Make It Easier To Tell My Friends And Anyone Who Happens To See Any Type Of Ad, Including A Facebook Post, Business Card, Flyer, Craigslist Ad, Internet Marketing Ad, Postcard, etc.,

Where To Go Get Their Free Trial.

So, I Went To And Purchased 2 Domain Names.  (Free Trial)  (Business Opportunity)     

(1) I Logged Into My Godaddy Account And Forwarded NuMedia World TV (dot) com To My Free Referral Link.

Forward Only, Don't Mask

(2) I Created A Lead Capture Page For My Business Opportunity Website And Integrated That Lead Capture Page With My Personal Auto-Responder To Capture E-mail Addresses, In Order To Automatically Follow Up With Them.

My Free NuMedia Mass Marketing System Includes A Video That Trains NuMedia Promoters On Setting Up An Auto-Responder And Creating A List And Form Code. 

The Video Is For NuMedia Promoters Who Are Taking Advantage Of Our Done For You Internet Marketing But You Will Have To Do The Same Thing, Create A List And Form Code In Order To Integrate Your Landing Pages With Your Personal Auto-Responder.

Set Up An Auto-Responder First.

You Can Set Up A Free Trial To The Auto-Responder I Use By Clicking Here.

You Can Set Up Your Lead Pages With The Company I Use By Clicking Here.

Landing Page Monkey 

I Set Up My Auto-Responder And Lead Capture Page. Then I Logged Back Into My Godaddy Account. I Forwarded My Domain Name To My Lead Capture Page.

E-mail me, If You Get Stuck Or Don't Understand Something.

If you really want to get serious, Read My Complete Business Plan.

It will explain exactly how my business works from A-Z and show you how I can help you get set up just like me so all you have to do is advertise to sign up dozens of referrals a week. Read Your Free Copy at The Link Below.

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